Welcome to the site of la Saule Paquot! 

This stunning, private 12 acre Lake was dug out for gravel extraction in the early 90’s and has matured well over the years, and now holds Carp up to 66lb with an average of 45lb+.  The lake is situated in idyllic countryside surrounded by woodlands.

The depth varies from 1m to 4.5m depending on the time of year. There are 2 islands which are an obvious attraction and can be reached easily. The bottom of the lake is made up of silt, gravel, clay, weed, bars, plateaus and feeding holes.
The lake has 14 pegs/swims, 3 can be used as double swims.  All the swims have varying features to explore.


Take a look around on our website and if you feel the urge to go out and catch some of our beautiful signature carp, do not hesitate to contact us for a booking, or further information.

Are you up for the challenge?

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Anthony and Julie Herron


La Saule Paquot is nestled in the famous Champagne Region of the Marne, between forests, fields and vineyard hills. The lake is easily found and sits just outside the small hamlet of Heiltz L`eveque.

Map with mark of the location

It is one of the most popular areas for the English, Dutch and Belgians to fish for carp. La Saule Paquot is one of the gravel pits that has been transformed into a carp lake, many years ago. The property is well taken care of and improvements are being made all the time. The water is crystal clear with neatly landscaped pegs and a home from home lodge. The entire complex is securely fenced.
We are  available to assist you and provide you with tips & tricks 24/7.

GPS: 48.772342, 4.742558



            • Lake is available 24/7, 365 days of the year
            • Max. 6 anglers, 8 if exclusive (but a supplement applies, see prices)
            • 12 acre lake on a premises of 18 acres
            • Depth varies from 1 m to 4.5 m depending on the time of year
            • The bottom of the lake is silt, gravel, clay, weed, bars, plateaus and feeding holes
            • 2 islands on the lake (no access allowed)
            • You can book individual places, or book the whole lake exclusive
            • Spacious and well equipped lodge
            • Owners present and on hand to assist if required
            • Amazing signature carp up to 66lb
            • The lake is completely fenced and gates locked at night
            • Vehicle access, and parking, at all pegs
            • 13 spacious, well built and maintained pegs/swims with 1 stalking peg
            • Electricity with charging points is available in the lodge
            • Small fridge and large freezer in the lodge
            • Shower and toilet block near the lodge
            • Dinner and breakfast service available upon request, either served at the lodge or delivered to your swim
            • There is an on-site shop for everyday essentials, and the nearest supermarket is about 10 minutes drive
            • No poison-chat or crayfish present
            • Unhooking mats and weigh slings ready at your peg upon arrival
            • Bring your own landing nets
            • Boilies (must be pre-ordered) and particles available on site
            • Anglers have the choice of pegs on arrival (a draw will be done if necessary)
            • Non anglers are welcome
            • Dogs are welcome by prior arrangement, but must be kept on a leash and any mess cleaned up (maximum of 2 dogs)

Contact us if you have any questions or proceed to our booking form.


The following rules apply:
* We reserve the right to change these rules at any time

  • Arrival on Saturday from 13:00, please leave your swim before 9:30 and departure from the lake no later than 10:30 the following Saturday
  • Anglers can choose their own swims (a draw will be made if necessary)
  • There are car parking areas on all swims, please leave your vehicle there and do not drive the car unnecessarily. If you plan to get away every day please park your vehicle in the main car park near the main entrance
  • The only baits not allowed are all plastic,  artificial and all nuts except pre prepared tigers
  • Maize and particles are sold on site
  • Retaining of any fish is prohibited
  • The hook wound, or any other wound,  should be treated with Klinic or a similar product. All anglers should have this readily available on their peg
  • All hooks are allowed, apart from bent, longshank nailer style hooks
  • No fixed leads. Only safety-rigs utilising a proper lead discharge system should be used
  • No naked lines allowed, leaders or tubing must be used
  • No braid as a mainline, only for spod and marker rods
  • 15 lb minimum breaking strain line required
  • 4 rods are allowed per angler (3 rods if more than 6 anglers)
  • Do not leave rods unattended at anytime (if necessary please ask another angler/friend to keep an eye on them if you need to visit the toilet)
  • Landing net of at least 42 “is required
  • Bait boats are allowed, with sensible use and taking other anglers into consideration
  • Rowing boats and electric motors are allowed. Pay attention! Use of a life jacket is mandatory
  • No cutting of trees or vegetation is allowed.  Please do not mark the trees in any way
  • Toilets must be used.  Anyone defecating in the bushes will be asked to leave
  • Dogs are allowed with prior consent but must be on a leash, since there are already dogs on the property. Any mess must be cleaned up
  • Barbecues are allowed but must be kept off the ground, and please take extra care during hot dry spells. Open fires are not allowed
  • Please use the rubbish bag provided for plastic and cans, all glass must be kept separate, all other rubbish to be put in a black bin liner
  • Swimming is prohibited
  • Please do not use the shower block for washing cooking utensils
  • No loud music, excessive drinking or use of drugs
  • Please leave your swim free of any litter, bottle tops, cigarette butts etc


peg overview of la saule paquot carpfishing lake
Peg overview


£280/€310 per angler per week
£1,600/€1,780 per week exclusive(max 6)
£100/€110 supplement for extra anglers to a max of 8 (exclusive booking)
£50/€55 per non-angler

£45/€50 per angler per 24hrs (subject to availability)

Winter rates available upon request

Food package (payable on arrival)
€90 Breakfast only
€90 Evening meal only (2 course)
€160 Full package

€60 Boat Hire (subject to availability)

€80 Small Generator Hire at peg (includes full tank) exclusive bookings only